My Dearest Daughters

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My Dearest Daughters,

You must be wondering now what all this nonsense is about; and has our beloved mother lost her marbles. I assure you I have not. I write with my heart full of tenderness and love for you all.

The things that I share are not my own. These tidbits of wisdom are of old and new. Some are mine and some I have gathered along the way from the many people I have met during my journey, and from the pages I have devoured over the years. Some are all rolled into one, the many facets that have become a whole.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out the source or root but rather glean from the words that I am passing along. Feel the love, the hardship, and the various avenues each tale takes.

I am writing today with a heavy heart because I have learned of the passing of a woman who shared her life with many, helping, guiding, and leading the way. Her light and life have illuminated the path of many but she has left us now. Her suffering is no more, and yet I can’t help wondering why she had to suffer at all. The secret things belong to God. I have known this for many decades, and though I don’t understand, I accept it for what it is.

This lesson, my dearest daughters, is one you must know as assuredly as you know your name, if not more. This life is not your home. The houses that you have built and so preciously maintain are only temporary material objects to be enjoyed, as are the bodies that house the real person that you are.

It is of upmost importance to tenderly care for the buildings where you abide. You get one life. Live it well. Live it for others and not for yourselves.

You are not your own, for you belong to the Creator, and one day you will meet Him face to face, as will I, whether you believe in Him or not.

Live wisely and always remember that life can change quickly. Be prepared. Embrace the change for you know not its ultimate purpose.





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