Daughter of the King

I’ve been thinking a lot on this subject for the last couple of days. What if we believed we were daughters of the King? What would happen in our lives, our minds, our hearts? What if we fully understood the position that we are in as believers and followers of Jesus? How would that affect our everyday life, our marriages, our mothering and our professional lives?

It’s worth thinking about.

Christ follower, Jesus, Faith, worthy, loved

I must admit, I haven’t given it much thought until recently. I am a believer. I am saved by Grace because of the wonders of the cross and all that entailed. That is the reason we are daughters of the King, because of the work of the cross. How awesome. How wonderful. How vast.

I am reminded of a post I wrote a few years ago entitled Pink, Tiaras and Glitter, a post about the love of a groom for his bride on their wedding day. Such love and devotion, but nothing compared to the love of our Father (the King). He loves you with a deep-abiding, everlasting love that will never fail.

You are more valuable to Him than all the jewels.

You are loved.

You are more than enough.

You are thought of each day, more than the grains of sands that cover the earth.

You are cherished.

You are worthy.

And so very precious.

You are uniquely you, made just as God intended, not to be compared to others, nor found lacking.

You are a daughter of the King.

Oh, to let the heavy cloak of body image, perfectionism, low self-worth and every negative thing we think about ourselves, slip from our shoulders as we gracefully don the robe of His love.

Because that’s who you are…loved by the Father just because.

Just for today, dare to think of yourself as a daughter of the King. Mediate on the greatness of His love for you and let it change your thought a little bit, just for today.

And then do it again tomorrow, daughter of the King. Do it again tomorrow.




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