Cross Country Move

I recently had my son, Luke, on the podcast, Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Planned. We talked about his cross-country move and how we each look at it and feel about it.

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I remember thirty-plus years ago when I so wanted to become a mother. All my friends were having babies, some were even on second and third babies. It was a hard time in my life that lasted ten years. A cross-country move wasn’t even on the radar back then. Having a baby and raising a family were the only thoughts I had.

Time has a way of ticking right past the present. It goes quickly in hindsight. Kids growing up is a part of life. Going to college or simply moving out is part of the package. A cross-country move never entered my mind. I thought my kids would do what I did, live in the general area in which they were born.

There was a time when Luke considered a two-year stint in Europe but decided against that opportunity. Moving to another state was never off the table but I thought that might be a couple of hours away, not a cross-country move. I was wrong. Sometimes it sucks to be wrong but this was a hard wrong.

We discussed the above mentioned things on the podcast and more. I hope you will listen in. You can click here to listen or here to watch.

I had a friend call me after that episode. She has two of her three kids who made a cross-country move. She gets it. And, to make matters more difficult, she has grandkids who live cross-country as well. How hard that must be.

I have a friend or two who don’t have kids. One friend lost her only child in a car accident over five years ago. Perspective is everything. She would love to be in my shoes having a cross-country move in her story instead of a deceased child.

Another friend wanted to become a mother in the worst way. It didn’t happen. She struggled for years to accept her reality.

Another who’s child lives in a different country altogether.

Hard things to come to terms with, I’m sure.

I know a cross-country move is easy compared to those things. I’m not comparing. Life can be difficult. We do the best we can do with what we have been dealt.

Mine is a cross-country move.

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