Crazy Horse

It’s been a few days since my last post, What Just Happened? Four to be exact. Still trying to digest all that my last post will entail…all the changes to come. And I also finished a book (of course). The book is called Miles to Go by Richard Paul Evans. It is the second in the series.

I visited Crazy Horse Monument several years ago with my family. We went to see it while visiting Mt. Rushmore. The story behind it was an interesting one…one that I had forgotten. I will finish my post with some words from the book that I found to be inspiring to me as I begin a new venture; one that I feel good about, although nervous, and am looking forward to with excitement, anticipation and a little bit of dread. I’m not sure where this new journey will lead me, if I will finish, or if it’s just another stepping stone along the way to where my life is continually leading. I just know I’m going to do the next thing, do the hard thing and see what happens.

Richard Paul Evans writes:

“We climb the mountains because the valleys are full of cemeteries. The secret of survival is to climb, even in the dark, even when the climb is pointless. The climb, not the summit, is the thing. And the great don’t just climb mountains, they carve them as they go”.

Korczak knew he’d never live to see his work (Crazy Horse) finished, but this was no reason to stop”….”But Korczak’s greatest legacy is not a public one, the massive stone mountain that he conquered, but the mountain he first conquered in himself–a mountain that he climbed alone–and in this we can all empathize. For there are moments in all lives, great and small, that we must trudge alone our forlorn roads into infinite wilderness to endure our midnight hours of pain and sorrow– the Gethsemane moments, when we are on our knees or backs, crying out to a universe that seems to have abandoned us”.

“These are the greatest of moments, where we show our souls. These are our ‘ finest hours’. That these moments are given to us is neither accidental nor cruel. Without great mountains we cannot reach great heights. And we were born to reach great heights”.

“Every one of us is faced with a task equal to Korczak’s, one as gorgeously absurd–to chip away at the stone or our own spirits, creating a monument to light the universe. And, like Korczak’s monument, our task will not be completed in our lifetime. And in the end we will find that we were never sculpting alone”.

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