2 thoughts on “Cook Family Singers”

  1. I remember hearing your family sing, I always thought they were good. I also grew up in a musical family, my Mom’s brothers played and sang, they’d bring their instruments occasionally and just sit in the living room and play. I always thought it was amazing to hear them all. Music changes the atmosphere in every way. I also remember going on tour with our youth choir. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was horrid. LOL We played in big churches, small ones, and inbetween. It’s good life experience.
    Have your parents ever been asked to participate with the Bill Gaither entourage, where they are recording songs that just aren’t played much anymore? If they ever are, it’d be the thing to do. I like that Bill Gaither had the heart to record the old songs. They’re much more worshipful, more “authentic” than some of the stuff you hear today. My opinion, for what it’s worth. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Laurie!!

    • Music does indeed set a tone, no pun intended. I never did the youth choir thing. Maybe because I was too busy being drug around with the Cook Family Singers! LOL. No Bill Gaither, though my brother has submitted some of his songs to them. My folks don’t play or sing much anymore.


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