Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions, I’m sure we all have them. Baking cookies, decorating the house both inside and out. A favorite dish to serve at the holiday meal, a sweater, a movie, or driving around looking at all the festive lights.

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Some people have a different kind of tradition, like taking a wreath to a loved one’s grave site, or planning a trip to avoid all holiday traditions. Some look at Christmas as a day to get through, hopefully with the least amount of pain and the greatest amount of speed.

Still others plan new things to do to replace the old traditions because a change has occurred and someone special is missing this year for whatever reason.

Christmas traditions are a part of our memories and experiences whether they are good or bad.

We all have them…

Whether they are good or bad.

Some people spend a lot of time and energy and sometimes even money, to do everything in their power to change the Christmas traditions to replace the old with the new.

Our Christmas is a little different this year. Things aren’t the same as they have been. We’re holding on to some old traditions, only they’re different this years; while letting go of some that no longer serve us as they interfere with healthy choices in life.

It’s an act of self-care and a balancing act that requires a little effort.

Perhaps the greatest balancing act of all is to feel the sadness without getting stuck there. To remember the times gone by and cherish the memories. To enjoy the moments and be present in what is now without the guilt for what was.

Because there is one thing that’s a sure bet, the Christmas traditions that you hold close and dear will change whether you like it or not. Change is a given in this life.

Whatever Christmas traditions you have, the memories and experiences that are uniquely yours, well, they won’t always be the way they are today.

I wish you joy and peace this Christmas season and traditions that evoke pleasant memories.

And I wish for you a new year full of embracing the changes that are sure to come your way.

I wish you love.

And hope for future Christmas traditions.

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