All I Want For Christmas

I was talking with my sixteen year old son tonight about what he wants for Christmas. He is the one who has me stumped as far as ideas go. He gave me one idea that would be close to the amount we would normally spend, but my other two kids will have several gifts under the tree, and it just doesn’t seem right in my mind of all things being equal when it comes to gifts for my kids.

I told him it was easier to buy gifts for them when they were younger. He responded that there was the opportunity for more disappointment when you were young and you didn’t get the one thing you really wanted.

I had a flash back to the only time I can remember when I was truly disappointed because I didn’t get what I wanted. And yes, I made my son sit through the telling of that story.

All I wanted for Christmas…

One year when I was around ten I only had one item on my list, but I wanted it more than I ever wanted anything in my life.

I asked for a “real” magic wand, and I emphasized real.

Magic Wand

That’s it! That’s all I wanted, knowing, of course, that if I received this coveted gift that I so deeply desired, then I could have anything my little heart could ever wish for. I knew this was a huge order to fill, however, I justified the magnitude of the request with the fact that it was indeed the only gift I was asking for. Oh how I longed for that real magic wand.

Christmas finally arrived and I was excited! I couldn’t wait to wave that wand to my heart’s content. Upon first glance, as I was perusing the gifts under the tree, I didn’t see the present that would change my life forever.

And then I did.

There under our tinsel and shiny garland-clad tree, was my magic wand. My mother had indeed heard my request. For there under the tree I saw a stick (cut from the tree in our yard) with a glitter covered cardboard star attached.

That was my “real” magic wand…with no magic at all.

To say I was disappointed is a huge understatement. Not only had I not gotten a real magic wand, I got a fake one.

I didn’t see the humor or appreciate the thought and hard work my parents had put into fulfilling my wish at that point in my life.

Deep down in my heart, I’m pretty sure I knew there was no such thing as a real magic wand, but I held out hope anyway, until I saw that star/stick contraption under our tree.

But wouldn’t it be nice…

And then again, maybe not.

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4 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas”

  1. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it. That is what bugs me about Christmas – it is so hard to get the right thing – expectations are so high. I am always disappointed too. So this year, I just bought my own gifts and said honey – go get what you want for you! I love it.

    By the way, I just finally got around to doing my Liebster Award post (thanks for nominating me!) I changed it a bit based on some other Liebsters I have seen (and like it says, the rules are always changing!)

  2. How disappointing. It was one of those situations where your parents were really stuck – no wand, or a fake wand – either one they chose would have been a disappointment.

    I wish I could have a REAL magic want this year.


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