Christmas Can Be Hard

My sister-in-law lost her grandma last week. That’s always a tough thing to deal with, especially around the holidays. Christmas Can Be Hard is a post I wrote last year. This year I am thinking of all the people who have suffered great losses this year, losses due to death, divorce, separation for whatever reason and everyone dealing with a situation. My heart goes out to them all as I repost Christmas can be hard.

I am mindful today, this Christmas Eve morn, pondering the loss of those we love as I read on Facebook of people who are gone, and thinking of my little brother. This is the thirty-fourth Christmas without him. I’m not sure why this is a bigger deal to me this year than most, but it kinda is. Christmas can be hard.

Who are you missing this Christmas?

Christmas Tree

My brother died in a car accident when he was eighteen years old. In my mind he is forever young. I sometimes try to imagine what he would have been like as an adult. What he would have done, who he would have married and how many nieces and nephews I missed out on.

It is what it is… he isn’t here.

Christmas can be hard indeed.

Many people experience feelings of longing, loneliness and missing someone more than usual at this time of year.

I’m especially sorry for those who are going through the first Christmas,  New Year, and anniversary of any kind. Those firsts are so very rough, and just so you know… they lied…time doesn’t heal all wounds. The passing of time helps ease the pain of the loss that has occurred and life goes on, but it’s never the same.

Every year, at Christmas, other holidays and family events, or just a normal average day, I miss my brother and those other loved ones who have gone before us.

If you are experiencing a loss this Christmas, or just missing someone special who has been gone awhile, I wish you moments filled with happy memories, and a peace that only God can give because Christmas can be hard.

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