Choose God

I took a walk on this gorgeous fall afternoon. The blue sky was akin to that of the wide open spaces of Montana’s Glacier National Park, which I adored when my family visited a few years back. My thoughts stayed on how to choose God in adverse situations when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned.

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I grabbed by headphones for my hike through the subdivision and started listening to a recording (before podcasts were a thing). I have listened to this recording before and read the book a few times, but today it took on new meaning, due in part, to where I find myself at this point in my life, at a cross road where I either choose God, or…or what?

What is left when you don’t choose God?

I was feeling a lot of emotional turmoil, confusion, and other feelings that were hard to identify due to the circumstances I was experiencing, none of which I had chosen. And because I am aware of the negative emotions that surrounds all uninvited life events, I knew it didn’t only affect me and my mental well-being, but that of my family as well. When Mama ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy!

Have you found yourself in a life altering situation (not of your choosing either) that has tripped you up in a big way? Do you think about how to choose God when it’s hard to trust?

As I listened to this recording, I was reminded that the opposite of what my family was currently experiencing was just around the next corner, if we allowed God to lead us in the way He would have us go, and show us the lessons He wanted us to learn.

When you choose God when going through tough times it will require a willingness to process so we can get to the place God wants us to land.

Because life presents us with many challenges you would think we would expect them, if not grow accustom to them. That’s not usually how it goes.

When we encounter unpleasant things in our lives it becomes an opportunity to choose God and look to Him to decide which way we will go. We can choose God who never leaves us or forsakes us no matter how bad it gets.

We get to decide.

There is but One.

His Name is Jesus.

Because of past circumstances, I have learned that what I believe is truly what I believe because of where I place my trust.

What have you learned because of your unexpected life-events?

To choose God?

I would love to hear how you reach the path you will take, for now anyway.

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