Celebrating My Daughter

Today my oldest child and only daughter turned 21. How can that be? Cliche time…”it seems like only yesterday”, “time flies” and those things are so very true.

I remember the night she was born, and the 26 hour labor. Who forgets those things? I waited so long to become a mother, and I’m not just talking about the 26 hours. My husband and I were married ten years before she came along. Ten long years; most of which were spent really wanting to be a mother. Can it really be that long ago? Can I really be 21 years older?

So enough of that. It is what it is and we took some time to celebrate. We had dinner out and talked of different things we remembered most about her growing up years. We laughed as her brother who is 22 months younger, shared his memories. We had some cake, gave her some gifts and went our separate ways. But my thoughts are still way back when…

It was like playing dolls, sort of… except for changing diapers and the spit-up and the midnight feedings. Those things passed but so did the playing dolls feeling. Her brothers came along and things got busy. And all of the sudden, or so it seems, she is an adult. Which means I am an adult…really…and that leads to the real question…how did that happen?

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