Mother’s Day And All The Rest

I was remembering just yesterday my very first Mother’s Day in 1990. After ten years of marriage I was finally pregnant and grateful beyond words. On that Mother’s Day in 1990 my husband and I gathered with my parents and my youngest brother after church to go to lunch. I remember as we were leaving … Read more

Moment in Time

I saw a post on Facebook last week. A mother had taken her son to New York City to celebrate his sixteenth birthday. She said the best part of the entire trip was when they were walking down the busy sidewalk and he nonchalantly slipped his hand into her’s. Her heart swelled from the love … Read more

My Daughter

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. My first born. She was away for her birthday, helping at a camp for the mentally and/or physically handicapped. She volunteers every year at this camp. She always comes home stretched in new ways and saying she may not go back next year. But we both know she will. She … Read more

Mothers Listen

Mothers listen to the sounds of their children. They listen with their ears. They listen with their hearts. They listen to the words spoken, sometimes between gulps and breaths between sobs. They listen to the silence. They listen to the banter and the make-believe. They listen to the sing-song way they talk to their stuffed … Read more

New First Times

Life is full of many first times. The first time you stay away from home as a kid. The first time you go on a date or drive alone. The first time you have a child, and all the first times that entails. Now I am experiencing new first times. I experienced a new first … Read more