Not Just The Wife

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I have great news to share today! You are not just the wife of an addict. The sum of your life is not the situations you have experienced. You are more than the dysfunction. You are more than the things you have survived. You are more. What were you like as a little girl? Who … Read more

Wife In A Difficult Marriage

marriage, betrayal, trauma, relationships, help, hope, don't do it alone, EMDR, counseling

To the wife in a difficult marriage, You are in my thoughts. You are on my heart. You are where I have been and I feel your pain and loneliness. Actually, I was attempting to go to sleep, just nestling in when the words of my therapist came rushing into my mind and I know … Read more


“Loneliness is such a sad affair, and I can hardly wait to be with you again.” Those are some lyrics to the hit song Superstar by The Carpenters that was released in 1971. I was reminded of those words today as I listened to Kyle Idleman talk about loneliness in his sermon called Proximity Principle//One … Read more

Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?

Father's Day, grief, grieving well, good dads, missing dad on Father's Day

February is the month my dad would have turned 90. With his birthday approaching, I am in a state of reflection. It’s been 2 years and 2 months since my dad left this world. I still miss my dad. It’s different, though, the way I grieve him. Dad led a good life, so, even though … Read more

Is This Your Marriage?

marriage, living with addiction, Southeast Christian Church, don't do your husband's job in the marriage, doing what God called you to do in your marriage

The pastor of our church taught a three-part series on marriage a while back. It was a good series, but I experienced feelings of frustration as I listened, as I often do when the topic is marriage. Don’t get me wrong, what the pastor had to say was good, however, the message was for the general … Read more

Does Your Husband Have What It Takes?

betrayal, repairing damage to a marriage, restoring trust, a broken heart, wanting to trust, rebuilding a marriage, sex addiction, damage from betrayal, restoration to marriage after betrayal

“I don’t know if my husband has what it takes to restore the trust or to repair the brokenness of our marriage”, said the distraught woman sitting beside me. I found myself leaning in just a little more because it seemed like she was on the verge of a breakthrough. I was sitting with this … Read more

Engagement Party

weddings, engagement, husbands, wives, Godly marriages, husband has greater responsibility

I recently attended an engagement party for a young couple who are getting married soon. It was a happy occasion, with lots of family and friends in attendance. It’s hard to be at a party when you don’t know many of the guests. I didn’t stay long because of that, but I was there long … Read more

Do You Like Weddings?

marriage, weddings, Godly marriage, wives of addicts, wives of addicts overcoming

Do you like weddings? I am not a fan. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the institute of marriage. I do. Marriage was God’s idea, so it’s a good thing, but I still don’t like weddings. And here’s the rub, right across the street from my house is a venue most often used for weddings… … Read more

Living In The Cracks

Have you ever hear of the phrase “in the cracks”? Let me give you a point of reference. Some of my writer friends who feel called to write, sometimes say they have to find the time to write. It’s like writing in the cracks of real life. What this phrase means to them when it … Read more