I Still Get It

trust, trusting God, trusting God when life doesn't turn out the way you planned, trusting God with your story, faith, allowing God to change you

I originally wrote the following post about thirteen years ago. A lot has happened during those years but I still get it, maybe even better now than I did then. Time stands still for no one and perhaps that’s a good thing. The lessons learned were hard-fought, trauma-inducing and life-changing but they led me to … Read more

Talking With God

talking to God, listening to God, what God wants to do in your life, God wants to show you what to do, God in your marriage, what to do about your marriage, married to an addict, life with an addict, God is with you in the hard times, God is always with you

I was in the shower.  I wasn’t asking God for revelations into the goings-on of the world, or even my life. I wasn’t really talking to God. Nope, I was simply washing my hair and minding my own business. That’s when I began hearing God because He finally had my attention. What does talking with … Read more

Not Just The Wife

marriage, struggles, not just the wife of an addict, not just the wife of a sex addict, you are more, God made you to be more, God has a plan for you, finding out who you are, grieving, grieving the things you loss in your marriage

I have great news to share today! You are not just the wife of an addict. The sum of your life is not the situations you have experienced. You are more than the dysfunction. You are more than the things you have survived. You are more. What were you like as a little girl? Who … Read more

What If We Believed Part 2

What If We Believed?

Continuing from the last post: What If We Believed. And that’s what makes this hard. It is sin. Just more acceptable because it can be dressed up, hidden or paraded about as righteousness. I am talking about pride from the last post What If We Believed. I am a sinner, the same as the person who … Read more

What If We Believed?

What If We Believed?

What if we believed it was true? Every single word written in the Bible. All the stories about Jesus, all the words He spoke, all of it. What if we believed that those words were written to withstand the test of time, and they are just as applicable to us today as there were to … Read more

Turning 60

betrayal, trauma, relationships, help, hope, don't do it alone, EMDR, counseling

I came across this post I wrote on another blog I have, Not A Perfect Life, and I wanted to share it here. Although it has been two years since I turned 60 the words still resonate. Today is my last day being 59 years old. I guess it’s only natural that I am feeling … Read more

A New Kind Of New Year

new year, Southeast Church, Trip Lee, Paul David Tripp, living with the end in mind, messages about sexuality, our bodies belong to God, using our bodies as an act of worship

Happy New Year! The first service of the new year at our church, Southeast Christian in Louisville, Kentucky, started 2022 off with a bang. We had Trip Lee as a guest speaker and what a message it was! Kudos to Kyle Idleman and all those involved in arranging for Trip to come. It was a … Read more

I Still Believe

faith, hope, God, trusting God, believing in God, believing in God when it's hard, going through hard times

“Even when I don’t believe, I still believe”. That’s a line from the song (and movie) by Jeremy Camp, I Still Believe. I’ve heard the line in that song like a gazillion times. but I finally heard it while watching the movie. Of course, there is a scripture in the New Testament that says the same thing in … Read more

I Am Not

I started the day with this thought; “What do you do when something is so big it will have to be all God, depending totally on Him, but it seems like, at the moment anyway, it’s all you?” That’s where I was yesterday thinking about my life. I can’t fathom how it’s supposed to go, … Read more