Car Wrecks

So I wrecked the car. Ugh! I hate that! I’ve never really wrecked a car before. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve hit a thing or two but there was never any visual evidence. And now there is.

I backed into a pole and boy do I feel stupid!

I was sitting in the car waiting for my son’s basketball practice to end. He came out and so did the rest of the team. The whole team usually does not make an exit all at the same time. Thursday they did.

My son decided not to drive home from practice that day (my son with the permit). If he would have, I feel certain he would not have hit the pole.

No one was injured, no harm no foul, except for my car, and that’s a good thing (that no one was hurt, not about the car).

But I gotta tell you…the thing I hate the most about this whole incident is the fact that everyone (on the team, that is) was there to witness it. They saw me hit the freakin’ pole! Well, they may have heard the impact first. I hit it hard.

Pride goes before a fall, you know. Well, I’m here to tell you, it goes after a fall too. I hated that I had to see all those people the next morning at a game, the people who saw me hit the pole.

And that’s my story.

3 thoughts on “Car Wrecks”

  1. Oh man that sucks! And you’re right, it’s really embarrassing! But guess what? We’ve all been there! Haha that doesn’t help too much though does it.

    At least you didn’t hit another car. That’s another hooplah of a mess!

  2. I once backed into a pole at a parking lot. Did the same thing! Hate that. The kids and parents I’m sure have forgotten about it by now… When I feel that humility linger on, I always think to myself, “Everyone has lives and they are too busy to care or remember or worry about something I did or said.” They have moved on, I’m sure. NO worries!


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