Car Rider According to Kludgy Mom

I homeschooled my kids…youngest is a senior. I never had a number hanging on my rear-view until about three years ago when I started helping get my nieces. I’m not as versed at the rules as you regular guys and being only a picker upper puts me a little at a disadvantage but I am savvy enough to know you need to get in line an hour before school is out to have a decent place when they march the kids out, and a no idle zone is for sure a no idle zone. Funny post today over at…and I learned a new word…jackhole?!

Car Rider

Here is the beginning of the post: 17 Ways To Be a Total Jackhole In the School Parking Lot or Pick Up Line

“The car pickup and drop off line at your children’s school is a most excellent place to lose friends and alienate people. All you have to do is not give a rat’s ass about school safety OR not give a rat’s ass about anyone else but yourself”.

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