Canoeing Floyds Fork

Kentucky ranks second only to Alaska in navigable water. Who knew? I didn’t make that up either. It’s on the internet…right on the Floyds Fork Recreational site. Canoeing Floyd’s Fork has been something I have wanted to do for many years and we finally did!

We’re not avid canoeing people here in this family, although our son bought a kayak earlier this year. We usually manage to go once or twice a year. We finally made it to Floyds Fork. The water levels were a little low on the day we went so we were unable to do a destination paddle, which means you paddle to a spot and the company you rented a canoe from picks you up and takes you back to your car. We don’t own our own canoes at this point so when we do go canoeing we rent. We used a company called Green Earth. Due to the low levels we canoed upstream and then back down. It was fun, hot and a little bit of work. At two low points we had to get out of the canoe to get it over the low spots.



It was a little muddy but we did see a few big fish along the way. I like canoeing in shallow-ish waters and this was a scenic trip.


It was only a short one hour trip so we kept our packing to a minimum. My husband was in the back of the craft so the majority of the maneuvering was his responsibility. Worked for me!


We reached our destination, Vahalla Golf Course, which was, incidentally where the 2014 PGA Golf Tourney took place a few weeks ago. We were asked not to go past the bridge so we wouldn’t get hit with golf balls. It was a lovely spot to turn around.

I finally canoed Floyd’s Fork! Not only that, I was knee deep in the stuff and I had a blast!


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  1. Katie and a friend kayaked several miles on Sunday. They recently bought their own kayaks. They used a map on the park’s website to determine the water level, but I think the report was optimistic! They spent a lot of time portaging their kayaks. We dropped them off near Beckley Station and picked them up somewhere along Echo Trail. They really enjoyed it. For the previous two days and nights before, they backpacked a section of the Red River Gorge with Wendell and Zac. Oh, to be young and energetic!

    • I have never tried a kayak before. I think it may be easier in some ways and in others, not so much. Sounds like Katie and her friend had a great weekend! Wish I had a little more energy myself!


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