Call With Barbara Niven

I entered a contest on Facebook (I think) to win a 30 minute call with Barbara Niven over a month ago. The call took place last Saturday. Barbara Niven is one of my favorite actresses on Cedar Cove, a series on the Hallmark Channel based on the Cedar Cove novels by Debbie Macomber. The series was good. Barbara plays Peggy Beldon, the wife of Bruce Boxleitner.

Barbara Niven has also been on numerous other television shows as well, including The Bold and the Beautiful and One Life to Live.

Barbara Niven

One of the things Hallmark is doing with their movies is a Twitter Chat with the stars during the show. They do this for movies as well. It adds a human element and the only possible way to connect a for real star with the common folk. Good move Hallmark. This is a bit distracting while trying to watch a show or movie but we recorded Cedar Cove so I was always able to watch undistracted after the chat. See chat here

I didn’t really know what to expect during the call with Barbara Niven. I know she is also a writer and motivational speaker, so I thought perhaps she would try to sell me her goods. Didn’t happen.

We emailed back and forth to set up a time for our call. I have a signature in my email with a link to this blog. She actually clicked over and read some of my stuff. She asked a few relevant questions about things I had written, told me to give my mom a hug for her due to the loss of my grandparents, and while we were on the call she clicked on one of my Youtube videos and gave me some helpful suggestions concerning recording and lighting. Kinda weird having an actress watching you on Youtube!

It was a fun call! We connected on a human level, a mom level, a woman level.

We’re all basically the same no matter the status. She has her struggles, hopes, dreams and life issues to deal with. I have mine.

I told her I was a fan for life. She said we had much in common and she was a fan of mine for life too. Ah…

Have you ever had this kind of experience with an actor/actress before?


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  1. Oh that is just TOO COOL!!! I love that she gave you the attention you deserve- as a woman, a person and a writer/vloger. In the end- fame or fortune doesn’t really matter. I am impressed that she gets that- as so many others don’t in the “hollywood circles”.


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