The Bus

I have been doing videos on growing up Cook Family Singers. Click here for the bus video. Here is a picture of the bus.

 BusYes, it’s an old picture, and not a full-sized picture either. And what about that white car? Mine? You bet it was. I bought it under duress but that’s a story for another day.

Here is another picture of The Bus.

Cook Family Singers Bus

Now you’re getting the picture, right? Let me just say that I noticed there wasn’t any writing on the side. That must have come later. I’m sure The Cook Family Singers was on the side of the bus?

Here is the van I mentioned, you know, the one I had to take my driver’s test in, uh, three times! And what I had to drive if I wanted to cruise around town. That was before the old lady white car I drove. The Van

The little guy is the brother “I raised”. 🙂 My other two brothers and my cousin. My older brother in the plaid pants was truly styling there…no, really.

And there you have a couple of visuals of what I was talking about.

Again I ask, would you want to be me?

10 thoughts on “The Bus”

  1. I have a vague memory of seeing either the bus or the van once (I can’t remember which) as a kid, but for the life of me I never knew if the memory was real. It was in front of Jim and Katie’s house on Crews drive… I feel like the bus stopped to drop someone off or pick someone up. Vague vague memory, but I was always impressed that your family did that, (even if I’m remembering it poorly). I have no idea how old I would have been. 🙂 Great pics!

    • That’s funny that you remember the bus however vague. I think there is a good possibly Stevie was let out in front of the house on Crews. He would go with my brother sometimes. Twas a long time ago.


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