I can never let this day (or days) pass by without an acknowledgement of two people I love very much. My brothers. I first posted this article,  Tale of Two Brothers, May 23, 2013 but it sums it up pretty well so I decided to post it again.

This is me and my brothers, the oldest on the left, and the younger two standing and sitting in the middle. We almost didn’t make it for this photo shoot. I had plans and I believe my brothers did as well. Our church was putting together a directory and for whatever reason, at the last minute, we all made it. A very good thing in my indeed.

May 24, 1980 was a day that is forever etched in my mind. My youngest brother turned eight the day before, on May 23. My oldest brother and his newly acquired wife, and me and my husband of two months, all gathered at my parents’ home to celebrate my little brother’s birthday, who was an unexpected miracle himself.

After dinner, cake and gifts, my eighteen year old brother left to go hang with some friends. I am forever thankful for that time we all had together that evening, because we had no idea he would never return home.

The early morning phone call on May 24th forever changed my world when my dad called to tell us my eighteen year old little brother had died in a car accident.

What followed was a year of pain so intense with grief and sorrow so tangible. I never knew grief could be that physical.
I remember the shock and denial, intermittently laced with a fragile thread of hope that it was all a horrible mistake. How could my brother be gone?

How can life be so normal and change so drastically in a moment so brief it is but a wisp of time?

Every year for the past thirty-four years we simultaneously celebrate the birth of my youngest brother; a talented, funny, loving friend, husband, father, and so much more, while silently missing my other little brother who left this world far too early, by human standards anyway.
Happy Birthday, little brother!

I love you both.

I will miss you always.
Those three statements blending together; one no greater or less than the other.

All true.

And forever interwoven.

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  1. Oh Laurie!! How heartbreaking! I hate that you have had to deal with such a tragedy in your life! And on your little brother’s birthday? Oh my heart…

    Bittersweet. Life’s miracle mixed with death’s surrender. No greater extremes on earth.

    Praying for you friend.

    • How wonderful to see you here! I wish I could tell you that I did something techie and that’s why you’re getting my post but alas…not me.


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