Bridges Over Troubled Waters?

Sunday my husband, daughter and I strolled across the Ohio River on the new pedestrian bridge in Louisville. The bridge is called Big Four Railroad Bridge.

It was a pleasant stroll on a pleasant day, over a not that pleasant river; but water is water and it always has an appeal, especially if it is a body of water you usually drive over instead of walk.

A lot of time, money and energy has gone into making this an enjoyable place to visit. It will eventually connect pedestrians to Jeffersonville, Indiana when that side is finished. As it stands now, one must turn around and come back once one has made the trek across the bridge.

As we were making our way across the bridge- which I found quite enjoyable- I couldn’t help wondering why, if Louisville is in need of another bridge, and the debate to build continues still, we have three that connect Louisville and various parts of Indiana; why start from scratch? Even though this bridge was a train bridge in the day, and not big enough for two-way traffic, why not utilize the structure and make it a one-way bridge, alternating which way traffic travels throughout the day? Sort of like a ferry bridge where one must wait for the boat to come across to the other side before you get your turn.

I’m not a bridge engineer by any means, however, and I’m relatively sure it has been considered over the course of the great bridge debate. If that were to happen, and now that it is what it is, I’m positive it won’t, I guess we wouldn’t be able to get the views we enjoyed Sunday. Just saying…

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