Braces Then, Invisalign Now

On Thursday night I attended my first ever blogging event, hosted by stockpilingmoms; along with ShoppingWives, WomanlyWoman, organize365, justthebeesknees,vintageindie, adventuremombloga bird and a bean, and a couple of others. I drove for one hour and a half to learn about Invisalign, the no-metal-in-the-mouth braces alternative. I should probably mention at this point that not only was I compensated for my time and blogging efforts by Invisalign, I also got to meet some really great bloggers (as mentioned above), and partake of some very yummy foods, thanks, Melissa!

I had braces late in life. I laugh at that now because I was actually twenty-five when I got them, and had them on for eighteen months, not so late afterall. In fact, I knew several non-teen people who had braces at the same time I did who would have loved Invisalign. I know I would have.

I don’t have any pictures of me wearing braces (that was before cameras were invented) 🙂 but I definitely inherited crooked teeth from the gene pool and hated smiling when I was a teen because I didn’t like how my teeth looked. I wish they would have had Invisalign way back then!

The things we learned Thursday night about the differences between Invisalign and braces were cool. The time spent wearing Invisalign is less, the pain factor is less, less trips to the orodontist, even taking care of your teeth while wearing Invisalign is a whole lot easier. Invisalign is hands down a better experience in every way.

I remember when my oldest son had braces several years back as a teen (photo permission was not given by said son). One of the things we did after an appointment to tightened his braces was stop at Dairy Queen for a cold treat on the way home. His orthodontist actually recommended this. She said it would help soothe his mouth. She forgot to mention that he shouldn’t get a M&MsBlizzard!

Those frozen little bad boys broke one of the wires. We had gotten most of the way home before we had to turn around and make the twenty minute drive back to have it repaired. We spent just a little too much time at the orthodontist’s that day. My son would have much perferred InvisalignTeen!

I have a friend who is my age (fifty something) who had Invisalign a few years back. She had a great experience and highly recommends them.

If you have a teen who has been told they need braces, or a child even, or you know of an adult who would love to get their teeth fixed, or re-fixed, tell them about Invisalign. I know I would totally go that route myself!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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