The Boy’s Back in Town

Our youngest child was out of the country for 16 days. The boy’s back in town!

It was an exciting trip and a great opportunity for him. He, along with 13 other people from Southeast Christian Church, went to Czech Republic to help out at Fusion Camp. The 14 member team of travelers are all musicians and had the opportunity and privilege to share their talents with people they had never met, yet have grown to love.

I was surprised back in February when Luke told us he was invited and would like to go. The cost of the trip was more than we wanted to pay, however, we knew our many friends and family members would embrace the opportunity to offer their financial support so Luke could go. They did. We are blessed.

I marveled at the stories told of the 17 mile hike, the bread for every meal (he never wants to eat bread again, he said), the sightseeing of historical Prague in a torrential downpour, the language barrier that really wasn’t one because there is a universal knitting of hearts as people gather for a purpose.

I was excited when the day came for him to return home, yet I acknowledged that the 16 days really did go by so very quickly, as time is prone to do.

Luke looked more mature as he walked toward us just minutes after “touchdown”, and so very tired.

I stood back and watched this man-child of ours, as he said good-bye at the airport to the people who had become his family the 16 days he was away. It was a touching scene. Perhaps he will remain close to those he grew to know and perhaps not, but I’m pretty sure they will always share a common bond because of the trip, and the memories will last a lifetime.

I grew a little too, in this stage of mothering, during the time Luke was away. I didn’t know what it would be like, really, having no contact with our son once he was out of the country. He called me from JFK during the first layover and that was pretty much that for 16 days.

I relished the Facebook updates from the chaperones during that time, and was excited for the pictures shared. My heart did a little happy dance every time I noticed the messenger icon (a photo of Luke) pop up on my phone. The messages were few and far between once Fusion Camp commenced, which they told us would be the case. He was usually short and sweet with the words he shared but that was okay because I knew he was too.

It’s but a small step, I know, in the grand scheme of parenting. The letting go process started so many years ago, but it’s good to know that I was able to embrace this separation and have no worries.

He’s a good man.

It was an awesome opportunity.

And the boy’s back in town!

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  1. Oh what an amazing experience for him!! I am so proud of YOU mama!!! He will never forget those 16 days… 🙂

    I love that you had such strong support from your beloved friends and family… oh, how I love that!


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