Bon Jovi and My Boys

Bon Jovi was in town last night. My two sons decided to join some friends and head downtown to see the show. The tickets were $15, rather cheap for the band and the venue.

One of the friends wasn’t getting off work until thirty minutes after the show started…well there was a little concern that they wouldn’t get to see much of the performance.

Reminds me of a time in my past…it was the first Summer Jam to be hosted in our city. It was an outdoor, all day concert, with some of our favorite, popular bands of our time; Ted Nugent being the featured band. I think REO Speedwagon was there…and maybe Foreigner…not sure about that one, and can’t find it on line anywhere!!!! I know it was July 23, 1978 at Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center.

On with the story. My boyfriend (who later became my husband) had a family reunion at his house that day but he thought we would have plenty of time to see all the bands. Our tickets cost $10 EACH!!! A lot of money back in the day, but a good price for several bands. So we finally left in the late afternoon. We were a little surprised that there was no one present to take our tickets as we approached the arena where the rock music was loudly playing. We walked in to see Ted Nugent playing like only Ted could do, and loving it…all of us. But all too soon the song ended, and the crowd began to disperse.

We had made it just in time to see Ted Nugent, the featured band of that concert, play his encore…I wasn’t a happy camper. Neither was my husband.

On the bright side, I saved the entire ticket(s) for the scrapbook. Not just the stub. Pretty impressive, huh?

I think we actually made it to the next (and our last) Summer Jam Concert, and we saw all the bands.

My sons arrived at the Yum Center around nine o’ clock. Bon Jovi was playing and continued to play until ten-thirty. I think they were pleased.

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