Bloggy Boot Camp in Minneapolis

What an amazing time it was. I went to Bloggy Boot Camp in Minneapolis hosted by The SITS Girls! My husband went along for the ride. We left on Thursday. We thought we’d live in the fast lane (no pun intended) and drive through Chicago, my kind of town. A nice place to visit but hey, I’m a small town girl.


We stopped for the night in Madison, Wisconsin. What a lovely place that is. A college/state capitol town all rolled into one, just blocks of each other.


My husband is always reading the travel materials we pick up, ever looking for an adventure. He found one for us in Madison. It sounded cool.

“Picnic Point source, a nearly mile-long peninsula along Lake Mendota’s south shore, is among Madison’s most distinctive features and is probably the most popular destination in the Preserve. Each year thousands of students and Madisonians visit the Point for outings. In a hectic world of university  life or city living, it’s nice to know that this natural area is just  a short distance from where you live.”

Sounds and looks like a great place to visit, right? I agree. The problem? It was at night and pitch dark. There were people going to a trailhead  we could barely see. We ventured along the way, hesitantly so. We couldn’t see three feet in front of us as we made our way gingerly on the dirt- covered trail. We soon realized that the few people we came upon were college students. We did catch glimpses of water reflecting the town’s lights but it was kind of creepy not knowing the area or where we were going.

We finally decided to turn around (much to my relief) as we drew closer to a camp fire, that resembled a college student gathering (I’ll call it). We felt our presence wouldn’t be welcomed. Maybe we’ll go again one day…while the sun is brightly shining.

Picnic Point Madison Wisconsin

This picture comes from this site: Picnic Point website.

We finished the drive to Minneapolis the next day, a very windy day. It was hard at times to hold the car steady at times and it really messed my hair up. Minneapolis is an impressive city we noticed as we approached, and offers many sights as well.

Minneapolis Minnesota

Would you have started down the pitch dark trail? Finished the hike in the dark?


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