Blogging Tips – Hanging Out on Google+

I wrote a post that was published on The SITS Girls on Friday the 13th, talking about Hanging Out on Google+. Google+ is a social media platform that I am hugely unfamiliar with, which is why I decided to tackle these post (Getting Started on Google+) was another post I wrote for them. Writing these posts has helped me gain knowledge about that social media platform.

Tips for blogging

Here is the beginning of the post:

Google+ should be an important piece of your social media strategy. Once you set up your profile and get involved on Google+, you will be ready to explore the other options it offers. One great feature is Google Plus Hangouts. There are so many things Hangouts can be used for. It can be a little daunting for beginners, but breaking it down into bite size pieces is helpful, and you will see it is really quite simple.

Here is the link to click over to read the rest: Google+ Guide: Hanging Out on Google+. I hope you do and I hope you find it very useful

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