Blogging Tips – 9 Things Bloggers Should Do

I’ve been focusing recently on blogging tips for new bloggers. Blogs are a new frontier of sorts, I was reminded while reading (a blog) today. This is virtually (no pun intended) an untapped field to explore. The rules are loose and ever-changing and blogging – in some form or another- is here to stay for a good long while.

Tips for blogging beyond my blue door

I ran across another link from Links I’m Loving by Girl on the Move that I really must share, especially for all you new bloggers. This post is entitled 9 Things Bloggers Should Do. I am especially loving number 4 because I didn’t really know this.

Sondra says: ย Link Photos

Similarly, you can assign a link to your photos. If, for instance, you refer to a previous post in a blog, you can insert a photo, and go into your info on that pic and plug in the link to that previous post to make it easy for your reader to check it outโ€ฆ thus spending more time on your site! I will actually link the following photo to the post where it originally appeared.

I do know to rename photos instead leaving them with the numerical number assigned them, but linking was a new concept for me.

If you want to read the other 8 blogging tips she shares (and I strongly urge you to do so) then visit her site by clicking here: 9 Things Bloggers Should Do.

There are great resources out there to help you not only start a blog but to take it to the next level.

Thanks for reading blogging tips~

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  1. I do the linking thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I always wonder if I should be adding a second photo in because if I add the link then when someone is on the first post and if someone clicks the photo, it will reload the same page. I guess if that happens it’s not that big of deal because they’re just going to the same place. Am I making sense? I didn’t get much sleep last night.


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