As I mentioned last week, I have a podcast, Chasing Hard. I can hardly believe it is already two and a half months old! I have talked with some lovely people about some hard topics. My first guest was Elizabeth Laing Thompson. She was a beautiful first guest, so gracious and forgiving of the newness … Read more

Chasing Hard Podcast

I joined the ranks of many and started a podcast, Chasing Hard Podcast. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. In fact, I tried something a few years ago that resembled a podcast before I knew what a podcast was. I interviewed people on Zoom and embedded the interview here on … Read more

Legacy Of A Father

I first published this on my other blog Not A Perfect Life almost three years ago. I wanted to share it here and add some things along the way. Life is hard in our world these days. What are we passing on to the younger generation, I can’t help but wonder. Sure, some things are … Read more

4 Things About Father’s Day

Father's Day, grief, grieving well, good dads, missing dad on Father's Day

June is known for several things like; the end of school, the official beginning of summer, my mother’s birthday (she may be reading this) and weddings, but honoring fathers ranks on the list of things that happen in June.  There are 4 things about Father’s Day I want to share. This yearly Sunday event in … Read more

Do It Anyway

Jesus is with you in it, you are not alone, you are not alone in your marriage, your are not alone in the hard places, married to an addict, married to an alcoholic, marriage, God's plan for marriage, trusting God with your life, trusting God in a difficult marriage

This article first appeared in The Southeast Outlook: Faith to do it anyway. Sometimes I think I try to fit Jesus into my world instead of fitting into His. It’s sort of like me letting Him be a part of my everyday life. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but what if He wants me … Read more

Trusting God With Your Brokenness

I was watching a movie a while back. Not a Hallmark movie, but one with a similar storyline, because I just love a cheesy Hallmark movie. Brokenness In this movie, the would-be, didn’t-see-that-coming couple were having a conversation about a B&B they were restoring together, and these words caught my attention. The guy said that … Read more

How Are You Feeling?

feelings, how ya feeling, why we don't like to feel, counseling, feelings don't last,

My article How Ya Feeling? appeared in The Southeast Outlook, September 12, 2019 edition.   What is it with people and emotions? Why is it often difficult for many of us to get in touch with our feelings? I am excited about the sermon series How Ya Feeling? that ended last week at Southeast Christian Church. It’s time … Read more

Talking With God

talking to God, listening to God, what God wants to do in your life, God wants to show you what to do, God in your marriage, what to do about your marriage, married to an addict, life with an addict, God is with you in the hard times, God is always with you

I was in the shower.  I wasn’t asking God for revelations into the goings-on of the world, or even my life. I wasn’t really talking to God. Nope, I was simply washing my hair and minding my own business. That’s when I began hearing God because He finally had my attention. What does talking with … Read more

Not Just The Wife

marriage, struggles, not just the wife of an addict, not just the wife of a sex addict, you are more, God made you to be more, God has a plan for you, finding out who you are, grieving, grieving the things you loss in your marriage

I have great news to share today! You are not just the wife of an addict. The sum of your life is not the situations you have experienced. You are more than the dysfunction. You are more than the things you have survived. You are more. What were you like as a little girl? Who … Read more