College Basketball and the Fans

I watched the rival game between the University of Louisville and the Kentucky Wildcats yesterday. Actually, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I watched the first 45 seconds, in which 4 technical fouls were called, and a player that needed to be ejected from the game, took a trip, instead, to the free throw line. That is … Read more

Wisdom Is Key

Proverbs 4:7–Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding. King James Version. Turning 50 was a hard one. It felt like I should be wiser than I was, and have more knowledge. Wisdom is key. Not necessarily, being more intelligent. With age comes wisdom, they tell me. Am … Read more

Good-bye, My Friend

  Today I will say goodbye to a very dear friend. She and I met in elementary school, and our friendship grew throughout high school. She moved away when she married a military man. We didn’t keep in touch on a regular basis, except for birthday and Christmas cards and an occasional random note, but … Read more

Doing the Hard Thing

Doing the hard thing is a part of life. It’s a given that rough times will come your way. Doing the hard thing is often not the road most people choose to travel. I get why because life can be hard, but there is so much to learn by taking the path most people don’t. … Read more

Honoring Relationships

  I just got home from the hospital. My son had his once dislocated shoulder surgically repaired today. Waiting rooms, I have found, give you the time and space to reflect. Honoring relationships is where I landed today. Life is short. I hear that said often, and it is. But, is that a good reason … Read more

Life is an Experiment

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  It seems like life is an experiment. Why do we think we should know the answers to all of the difficulties of life? Why do we think we should know how faith is works and more specifically it connects in real life? The medical field most accurately describes what they do when they use … Read more