Being a Widow

I have had the opportunity to talk with several women about being a widow since starting my podcast, Chasing Hard When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Planned. Most of the widows are young. I also meet countless new widows on my job. I am a pastoral care coordinator at my church and arranging … Read more

Cross Country Move

I recently had my son, Luke, on the podcast, Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Planned. We talked about his cross-country move and how we each look at it and feel about it. I remember thirty-plus years ago when I so wanted to become a mother. All my friends … Read more


The yearnings of the heart are sometimes difficult to identify. I dropped my son off at the airport early on New Year’s Eve morning. For some strange reason, it’s typically harder for me to leave California, where he lives, than to drop him off so he can fly home. This goodbye was a little different. … Read more

Hating The Past

Do you hate your past? It’s a thing. Being in a place where you hate your past is probably more common than we think. There are many things I hate about my past. What about you? It has been said that you can’t choose your family. You are born into the family you are born … Read more

Losing Someone You Love

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Losing someone you love is a topic most of us can relate to. When talking about losing someone you love, we’re not just talking about death. Most certainly death is one of the ways we experience loss, but the falling apart of a relationship is another form of loss, whether by divorce or a breakup … Read more

Broken and Beautiful

Broken and beautiful aren’t words most people typically put together. How can something be both broken and beautiful at the same time? They can co-exist. A lot of people have stories of despair before allowing God to turn being broken into something beautiful. I did an interview on my podcast Chasing Hard with Jillian Timberlake … Read more