So yesterday was my birthday. I looked down at those candles and saw a 5 and a 2. 52 seriously? 52 is the age my parents should be. 25…maybe, but no, not 25 either. I don’t feel 25. Dang, I don’t even remember 25. Such is the nature of birthdays, I guess.
It was a good day. I spent it with my family, except for the oldest boy who had to work. Did a little shopping, or rather returned some Christmas gifts…FINALLY! And it was snowing. Snow is pretty. Snow is cold. I hate snow.
Then we went to an early dinner. We had some very tasty baby back ribs from Smokey Bones. Grabbed a couple of warm tasty beverages from Starbucks, to go with the Kroger cake the hubs had waiting at home. And then the gifts.
I got gift cards from the boys; a book and a big bag of peanut M&M’s from my daughter (she knows me well). My husband gave me a jacket. I like the jacket. It is a cute jacket. But the question I asked him when I tried it on was did I look like an old lady trying to look young? He said no. I could ask my peers, but that’s not a great idea because they’re probably doing and wondering the same thing as me. My daughter said no too, but I think she has ulterior motives. I think she wants me to keep the jacket so she can borrow it. So I decided to ask my 15 year old son. He paused to think about it and said, “Eh, maybe a little.” I think I’ll wear it anyway. Which means I’m old.
The son who was a no show due to work gave me a gift card tucked inside a card he had purchased. I was touched by the message. No, he didn’t write it, but he is thoughtful. He didn’t just grab the first card he found. He put some thought into it. This is what it said:
For a Very Special Mother You are a wonderful creation. You were designed in the heart of God, fashioned by His loving hands, and given to our family as His precious gift. Thank you for all you do- your prayers, your words, your example- and every moment you’ve selflessly given to our family. You are appreciated, celebrated…and loved.
My 19 year old son gave me this!!! Then again, maybe he did just grab the first card he found.
I’m a blessed (old) woman indeed.

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  1. Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you are loved very much! I turned 38 in May and I recall looking down at my cake to see the 3 and the 8, except that my family thought it would be “funny” to turn the numbers around. My mom has always said, you are only as old as you act. Maybe that’s why I refuse to grow up. Lol!



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