Birthday at Science Hill Inn

The beauty of birthdays is sometimes found in historic restaurants. That’s exactly what happened to me last week! I celebrated with a friend on her birthday at a historic restaurant in Shelbyville, Science Hill Inn.

Birthdays and Historic Venues

I’ve wanted to dine at Science Hill Inn for a while now, and let me tell you it was worth the wait! I’ve walked through the shops and galleries that are located between the walls of this historic building but the restaurant was closed on the day I was there. The property was quite lovely both inside and out. It has been stated that: “Science Hill Inn is not simply a restaurant, it is a Kentucky tradition in fine southern dining.” I concur.

Historic Science Hill

Birthdays and Historic Venues

I found the history of the place quite fascinating as well. (Taken from Science Hill website):  Julia Ann Hieronymus, a brilliant young educator, married John Tevis, a young Methodist minister, in their home state of Virginia. After they married John took a position as a pastor in Kentucky. In Shelbyville, Julia vowed to continue her teaching career by tutoring young girls who made their homes in the Kentucky wilderness. But she planned to teach her charges more than the traditional “gentlelady’s education” of reading, writing, and the social graces; she also endeavored to teach her students the sciences, something unheard of in those times. Unfortunately, the hardships of the Great Depression doomed many schools across the United States to failure. After 114 years of continuous operation, Science Hill graduated it’s last class in 1939. During its time, Science Hill School had established a reputation of greatness for its contribution to education and culture. the lives of those girls who graduated from the prestigious school have affected the development of every state of America.

The beauty of the day was in the food, drink, quaint setting and the company of my friend whose birthday we were celebrating.

Bread Basket at Science Hill

The bread basket was yummy with cornbread and those southern biscuits. I’ll have one of each please.

Historic Venues

Quaint in Shelbyville

And in honor of the occasion we had a lovely glass of Bellini; Champaign and peach nectar blended to perfection.

Kentucky Hot Brown

The entrée we both ordered was a traditional Kentucky dish called Hot Brown. This dish originated from Louisville’s Brown Hotel. This opened faced sandwich consists of turkey breast and crisp bacon on toast, topped with a delicious cheese sauce. A lovely was to celebrate a birthday with a friend.

I do love to travel even if it’s just thirty minutes from home. There is magic in the experience of new tastes and sights unknown.

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  1. Oh that looks like such a beautiful place and I love the history behind it Laurie! That meal? I’ll take four of each in that bread basket to start… and oh my that meal! And those yummy drinks!! Wish I was there with you…


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