Have you ever been betrayed? If so, then you know up close and personal the emotional suffering that goes along with betrayal.

I recently read a book called Beyond Betrayal by Phil Waldrep. I just stumbled upon this book and it’s author quite by accident, but not really, because I’m pretty sure God had some things for me to glean from this book, Beyond Betrayal.

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Phil Waldrep tells about a painful part of his story involving betrayal. He gets the point across that it doesn’t matter if the betrayal came about because of a friend, a spouse, a business partner or another family member. The act of being betrayed, no matter the circumstances, leaves one feeling the same gamut of emotions, no matter who was involved. Each individual will experience those emotions differently, but a commonality still remains.

This book is a good read, especially if you were betrayed by someone close and you are having a hard time processing and moving on. The words in this book give you permission to be okay with exactly where you are, knowing that exactly where you are right now, won’t be the place you will land when the processing dust settles.

This book helps you to see that it’s okay to be where you are for as long as you need to be there, knowing that you are not alone. Many people have walked this road before you, but most importantly, you don’t have to go through this probing, sometimes gut-wrenching ordeal alone.

This book helps you invite God into the healing process as you journey on. Beyond Betrayal sheds new light on an old problem leaving the reader feeling hopeful, no matter how devastated the betrayal left them.

If you are looking for help in dealing with the heartache that betrayal has caused, then I highly recommend this book.

If you have experienced betrayal and would like to talk about it, please reach out. We can make that happen. Or if you would like me to pray for/with you, I would be honored to do so

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