Being a Widow

I have talked with a few women about being a widow on Chasing Hard Podcast. They have different stories and stages of life when the death of their husband occurred yet the similarities that exist between their tale of hardship connects them in a way I’m sure they’d rather not be connected. Life can be hard. Unexpected things happen all the time. Life can change in an instant but these women can attest to the faithfulness of God as they gather the courage to do another day.

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Tori was one of the young widows I talked with. Her husband, Rob, dealt with the daily trials of fighting cancer. Tori did as well, all the while tending to the young children they shared. Her story is hard but God is true to His word. You can listen to her story here; Trusting God When the Pain is Overwhelming.

Then there was Lisa who was raising seven children with her husband. The kids were teens and down and life was busy. The unexpected death of her husband propelled her to continue in her relationship with God, knowing that He had her. He saw her. He knew the things that would take place before she breathed a single breath (Psalm 139:16). Her story can be found here; Moving on With Lisa Appelo

And Meghan, perhaps the hardest one so far, because her husband died suddenly whiling riding in a car on his way to work, and the hardest thing of all, it was the day before their daughter would turn five months old. FIVE MONTHS! Watch Meghan share her story here: Life Can Change in an Instant.

Life isn’t fair.

Life throws us curve balls,

What do you do when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned?

These three women are strong in their faith. They know God’s got them. They trust their stories to Him and more importantly the ending, and every day in between.

What do you do when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned? You get to choose. Sometimes the thought of choosing sucks. I get it. You don’t like your choices and didn’t ask for the situation so why must you choose?

Because you’re still here. God has a plan and purpose. Even when we don’t understand. Even when the day is hard. Even when the suffering is great.

Widowhood doesn’t define you. It isn’t who you are. It’s an experience. One you didn’t ask for or choose. One you feel ill-equipped to handle. When you can’t, He can.

Grieve well, my friend. It’s how you heal.

I would love to hear your grief story and how you healed. Please reach out.

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