Begging for a Like

Begging for a Like


I hate to beg, I really do! But can I get a Like? Yes, I’m begging for a Like.

Of course I’m talking about Facebook. It doesn’t seem like too difficult of a thing to achieve, ya know? You go to the page and click on the thumbs up icon and BAM! the page has been liked and I am a happier camper.

Not that it is your responsibility to make me happy happier but help a sister out?

Not that I don’t appreciate all the Likes I have received. I do! I thank you for them all. I just want a few more…I NEED a few more.

I’ve done it a time or two…or hundred myself. Just helping out a friend or fellow blogger.

I am working hard to grow my “reach” and Facebook Likes are a big part of that.

Likes are good.

Likes are important.

I wish I didn’t have to beg or be such a pest.

But could you Like my Facebook page please? Click this link: Beyond My Blue DoorΒ and Like my page. πŸ™‚

I am begging for a Like.

12 thoughts on “Begging for a Like”

  1. Already liked you before this post!!! πŸ™‚ Also, your link has an http and https which says unavailable when I clicked on it. Figured it out after clicking the link a few times. Congrats on reaching and surpassing 100!!!

  2. Hey Laurie! I saw your tweet about your first post with Live Writer. Scrolled down to see this post. I so agree and understand about not getting the Likes ! So, I hopped over to your fb fan page and gave you one from my personal account and the blog account. Hope that helps a little .


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