Becoming a Grandma

Becoming a Grandma


Don’t get excited, this is not an announcement. I’m not becoming a grandma anytime soon, as far as I can tell, which is a good thing really because none of my kids are married.

That’s where the problem lies…not becoming a grandma anytime soon.

By my calculations I probably won’t become a grandma until I’m close to 60. It’s on my bucket list (click to read). This seems old to me. I wanted to be a grandma at a much younger age. The problem with having your kids later in life, I suppose.

I did put my daughter (my oldest child) on a five year plan a couple of years ago. I gave her five years to make me a grandma. Seemed fair enough, especially since she wasn’t seeing anyone at the time. So far she is non-compliant. Go figure.

I was 30 when I had my first child. That was definitely not the plan…not MY plan anyway. My husband and I had been married for 10 years by the time our little bundle of joy arrived.

During that time period I watched and waited (and cried) as most of my friends where joining the mommy brigade. Some had more than one child and were finished by the time I got started. My youngest arrived when I was 36.

I know that 36 isn’t an old age for having babies by today’s standards. Some women these days are waiting until they are 40 to begin having children. Not in my generation.

Those were tough years, not going to lie. Wanting to become a mother with everything I had in me, and finding out on a monthly basis that the blessed event of conception hadn’t occurred was sometimes more than I could bare.

I even overheard women planning what month they were going to get pregnant because of the birth month they had chosen to have their child. Not in my world. I used to shake my head in awe and wonderment.

So now I watch and wait as friend after friend become grandmothers. I do so without tears. I am blessed to be a mother. Becoming a grandma, whenever that happens, will be icing on the cake.

But I still want to become a grandma!

Are you listening, dear daughter?

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  1. Ah… I hope you get your wish, my friend!! It looks like I will be following in your trail. Sunday I turn 46 and I have a ten year old and a seven year old. You do the math! I’m too old to add it all up- but I do know it will be a long LONG time to think of “Grammy”. Heck, I have more “mothering” yet to do, now don’t I? Oh dear…
    THAT’S when I feel really old…


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