Beauty of Family

The beauty of family can be summed up in one of the memories I cherish as a mother. Those times I had the opportunity to listen to my favorite sound which usually occurred at the end of the day…my two boys playing their guitars and singing the songs they had written. It made my heart swell with so much love and my mind marvel as their voices blended in harmonious unity, knowing that time was a mix of curse and gift to this mother’s heart, while holding on to the beauty of family and clinging to the image, not knowing I would forget the exactness of it all one day.

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The beauty of family looks different for each of us. The times that make us pause and cause a yearning so deep it’s hard to breathe, the desire to stop the clock if only for a minute or two and preserve the experience of mothering. The sounds. The noise. The quiet. The ebb and flow of life.

As those nights drew to an end, the frustrations of the day would slip silently away as the music filled the air, the issues that I could not control, along with circumstances I was ill equipped to fix. To be present in the now knowing that the clock was a never-ending reminder that this phase would pass and I would miss it more than I ever imagined.

Although we aren’t promised a tomorrow, life is but a vapor, if we do get another day, it will bring with it its own new set of issues and events, but the beauty of family will remain. The need to balance the reality of the present with plans for the future is a necessary daily challenge. Finding quiet joy in the beauty of family is a blessing indeed.


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  1. Today, our friends buried their 11 year old daughter… I think you recently said what I’m thinking, “Perspective is everything.” <>< Luke 12:34

  2. Jeana, That is so very sad. There can be nothing harder than saying good-bye to your child. It does indeed put things into perspective. My heart and prayers go out to this family and to you because you care so deelply.


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