Bahia Resort-San Diego

What can I say? I love to travel, and my stay at the Bahia Resort in San Diego certainly added to the pleasure of this trip.

Due to weather conditions we were unable to land in San Diego, so we re-routed to Los Angeles for fuel. When the weather conditions improved we made our way to San Diego via flying over the Pacific.

San Diego

The Bahia Resort was established in 1952 with additional rooms added over a period of time. We actually stayed in a suite, though I’m not sure why. It was nice and roomy but it was a bit of a walk to the conference area…outside…in the pouring rain…wading through puddles.

Wet Bahia Resort

The views were nice even in the rain. I can only imagine how lovely this place must be under typical California weather conditions. I think I will return to see for myself!

A peek of sun at Bahia Resort

Bahia Resort palm tree

I never quite made the switch from EST to PST. There wasn’t enough time to adjust so I saw the sunrise the two mornings we were there, except the sun didn’t rise. Well it sort of did on Saturday, briefly, and it was gorgeous.


Rowing-Bahia Resort

Sun rise at Bahia Resort

Bahia Resort sunrise

The room was nice, old but renovated.


I spent a lot of early morning time in this living area so as not to awaken my roomy.

Bahia Resort bedroom

Look how neat my bed is. I’m such a neat sleeper.

Bahia Resort has a fireplace

The fire was great (especially since we were cold and wet) until the smoke detector went off which was placed right above the fireplace. Seems like there would have been a better place for that but who am I to judge? The maintenance man advised us to only run it 10 minutes at a time. That wasn’t a problem really, but we were cold and couldn’t find the thermostat. We asked him about that and he told us there wasn’t one. That would have been a good time to tell us the heat and air unit was in the bedroom, behind the table and chairs, sort of out of the way. We found it about two hours before check-out.

Honda bear at Bahia

Geez, maybe I am ditzy!

And last but not least, the door didn’t lock so well. Nothing a little ingenuity wouldn’t fix. Feeling safe now!

Love to travel!

Over all I loved the Bahia Resort and would definitely stay there again.

The folks at the Bahia Resort were friendly and pleasant to deal with. They knocked a little off our bill for the few inconveniences we encountered. I will definitely return…on a sunny day.

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  1. I am BUMMED that it had to rain during your stay- of all times, right? I know they desperately need the rain- but of course the conference was during the random few days in the entire YEAR that it wasn’t sunny and 70. OY. Good for YOU for seeing the ‘bright’ side of things even in the dark dismal cloudy rainy day. 🙂

    I hope they fix the fire- that’s ridiculous to only be able to have a fire for TEN MINUTES- good grief!


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