Back to the Fleas-Corrie Ten Boom

I was reading over some past posts as I sat down to compose a new one. I met with a woman today to discuss some business issues. We have known of each other for several years, but have never met face to face. It was an interesting time on many levels.

God uses the fleas in all of our lives, if we allow.

I stumbled upon what I had written four years ago:

A week or so ago I blogged about Corrie Ten Boom and the fleas. Her sister decided to take a scripture she had read and apply it for all it was worth. She gave thanks for the fleas that kept the guards of the concentration camp she and Corrie were in, away from their barracks. For if the guards had come, they would surely have taken their Bible, which the described as being their lifeline.

Give thanks for the fleas? I had a hard time with that one. I thought on it long and deliberately. I decided that instead of being thankful for the fleas, I would be thankful for God using the fleas in my life and doing something good on my behalf. That’s the heart of God, to love and care for His children. He can and will take situations that were meant for harm, turn them around and cause something good to happen. Not because of the fleas, but in spite of the them.

Perhaps this one thing is what keeps most of us from ever finding what God created us to be. We get caught up in the fleas of life, of whether God sent them to teach us something, or if we should just give up, give in and be ‘thankful’.

I am still listening, and hopefully hearing…and relishing the fact that I don’t have to know the entire plan, be in control or have it all figured out. That for me, is a difficult thing to do.

But I appreciate the opportunity nonetheless.



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