Back in the Saddle Again

I’m back in the saddle again. Not technically but I’ve been able to ‘borrow’ the neighbor’s Internet waves.

We are moved in. Not settled exactly but moved nonetheless. There are still boxes and boxes in storage. They will slowly but surely be brought to the house, to be thoughtfully sifted through before parting ways or placing them into storage containers to be saved for another day until we decide to pull it all out and sift through them all again, all the while savoring the times gone past and wondering how it passed so quickly.

So many lessons to be learned by the experience of moving. Since many don’t do it often, not twice in one year anyway, I think I will recap a few.

First lesson. There IS NO easy way to move. Just saying. It always seems like there should be an easier way but there isn’t. Moving is tough. You pack up all your stuff, place them into boxes and leave the abode you have been calling home totally and utterly bare, leaving only the echoes of memories made.

It matters not if you hire professional movers (covered with tatoos and donning gages in ears but I digress as I so often do). It may help the backs and muscles of those friends and family members who so generously offered to help, but alas, you’re uprooting and moving on. Not an easy thing to do under any circumstances.

Second lesson. Since moving is incredibily time consuming and a physically and emotionally exhausting deed, it is best, in my humble opinion, to forget saving the muscles of the above-mentioned friends and family members and NOT hire professional movers. Nothing personal guys. I swear it has nothing to do with the tats and gages. You were kind, considerate and good at what you do, the one’s we used anyway, but that’s not the point here.

The point is this…you need to surround yourself with friends and family, especially on the day you move. You need the shared experience of laughter, complaining, sweating and eating of junk food to help ease you into your new home. Even when they leave you surrounded with piles and piles of unpacked boxes…it just works better that way. The way we did it this time was a lot of work and a little lonely.

Bottom line is we are in the new house, new for us, that is, more on the house itself later. We are adjusting. I am missing the things I knew I would but enjoying the things I have missed in the past year by living in an apartment way more.

It takes time making a new place feel like home. And that’s exactly what we are doing.

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  1. Boy, you brought back memories! Holy cow! I’m dizzy from the memories of our last moving adventure- it was enough so that I said we weren’t moving again until the boys -all 3- were in college. Its just too much.
    Thanks for the follow- I thought I was already following you, but I guess I wasn’t. Well, not on GFC, anyways. I am now, though.
    Talk to you soon.
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