A Baby, A Prodigal and A Marriage

I find myself at home today, alone with my thoughts and…well… the Internet, which gives me much to think about. As if I don’t do that enough already!

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My friend Jan, the one who left this world too early-in the opinion of those who loved her- has another grandchild on the way. Her youngest child is expecting a baby! Jan’s mother called me to request prayer for this mother-to-be who I have known since before her entrance into the world.

She needs prayer because she is alone due to a recent move to a new city, with a new job and a first-time pregnancy (morning sickness included), and a husband who is in a new fellowship and is very busy.

So many new things…

Without her mother.

I was thrilled to learn of this news and even more overjoyed that Jan’s mother called to share it with me and ask me to pray.

It is my pleasure.

Then there’s the prodigal thing…

We all know prodigal sons and/or daughters. If truth be told, some of us may have one. There is no better-known “prodigal” than Katy Perry. Did you read her mother’s Message for Parents of Prodigals? “Praising God through the Pain” is what her post is all about. She said: “It’s only the love of God that will bring them back.”


To walk in that; LIVE in that is all we really need, in any situation.

Which leads me to this last thing…Proverbs 31 Ministries. I have heard of this ministry. I may have even read or heard things written/said from the one who started this ministry, Lysa TerKeurst. I read a post last night that has left many with sadness and questions.

She shared an open and honest post about the ending of her 25 year old marriage.

So many are shocked, and all are saddened as they read about the last eighteen months of her life…her marriage…her family.

It is over.

She fought hard by living what she believes.

In the end, it didn’t really matter because her husband chooses the path he is walking, instead of the one he has lived.

Many are scared because, “How could this happen?”. “If it happened to Lysa, it can happen to anybody.”. “If it can happen to anybody, it can happen to me.”…

There is truth in those fears. But there is Grace too. And Grace is Greater. The God of all creation knows exactly what is going to happen in each of our lives.


Although He didn’t author this marriage demise, He is in it. He can bring healing to all people in every situation.

That truth is the only one that really matters.

And now I will pray. Not just for Jan’s daughter, but for all expecting mothers in trying situations; and for Katy and all the prodigals, and for Art and all of the husbands who have believed the enemy and gone down a path that leads to pain for those he cared about.





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