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Below is an email that I received from Tonya, from She is hosting an interesting blogging event in March. She was only looking for 100 bloggers to participate, however, she surpassed that mark within 30 minutes after the email was sent. She requested that we share this opportunity with our fellow bloggers so…here it is!


I have a super fun project in mind for the first week in March and want to give YOU, my loyal Blogelina readers, first dibs on getting involved.

I’m looking for about 100 blogs to participate – want to join us?

During the week-long event, each blogger participating will leave a comment on the other blogs – and in turn will receive 100 comments on their own blog post! Can you imagine getting that many comments – on an actual post that you wrote (not just a giveaway)?!?

To let me know you’re in, fill out this quick form here:

Then, start writing that epic post for that week of comments. I would recommend writing a post about your niche topic – share your passion, give some really useful information in the post, make it your best ever – and you never know: Out of those 100 comments, you just might get a few new followers of your blog, too!

Don’t publish your post yet, though – wait for further instructions to come in the next couple of weeks.

I’m super excited about this event and look forward to checking out your amazing post!

Be sure to check out what’s new at Blogelina this week, too:

To YOUR blog’s success,


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