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There are lots of things to do around town no matter what place you find yourself in. I’m a dining out kind of person. I like to find and try different places to eat, especially around town. My husband and I visited an old favorite, tried and true on MLK day, Hungry Pelican. The place is old, maybe even older than I am, but for the most part, it hasn’t changed a bit.

Hungry Pelican, dining out, places to eat, Louisville

My good friend Karen and her husband used to live right next door to Hungry Pelican, in the basement of a funeral home, but I’ll save that story for another time. We visited Hungry Pelican a lot on those occasions we were hanging out with them.

I also remember Hungry Pelican being a go-to choice of places to eat after church back in the day when we were listed as Young Married Couples. A group of us would go to Hungry Pelican for lunch after the Sunday morning service had ended at least once a month.

I’m a fan of seafood. White fish is my fav, and Hungry Pelican has some pretty tasty white fish on the menu. Of course I need an order of fries with that and the cola tops off the meal quite nicely. This past visit, my husband was in the mood for a piece of Key Lime pie. They had an interesting version of this tangy/sweet dessert. It was a white chocolate mousse key lime concoction. I was skeptical upon hearing the description of these blended flavors, but it was good.

I’m not sure why we decided to visit Hungry Pelican. Perhaps it was a chance to walk down memory lane as we made our way around town, for walking is what we did after our over the top luncheon.

Hungry Pelican, dining out, Louisville, seafood, around town

We visited the Parklands which is a part of the developing Louisville Loop, a walking/cycling path that is slated to encircle our city. Parts of this park is now open, while over half is under construction or waiting to be.

Louisville Loop, Parklands, walk, cycling, around town

Louisville Loop, Parklands, walk, cycling, around town

Louisville Loop, Parklands, walk, cycling, around town, the trestles, sheepman

The photo above is of The Trestles, home of Sheep man. That too, is another story for another day.

The weather was nice for time spent outside, a bit of untypical weather for Kentucky in January, or maybe not untypical at all. The weather is anything but predictable during the winter months. It was a nice day to be out and around town.

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