Another Fall Hike

We took another hike to enjoy the fallness before it is gone as mentioned in  Cookies, Cookies. It was a fun, full-of-Fall-color kind of hike! Add a few family members and friends and it made for a great day. We Wandered Indiana again and visited Mount St. Francis, used for retreats and such, it’s a great place to spend some time outdoors. We feasted on some beautiful sights.

Water in the Fall

There is nothing quite like a hike alongside water.

Fall Colors Reflecting

One of my favorite sights in the fall is the reflection of the colors on the water. It’s a double gift of brilliant hues.

Fall color

The stillness and quiet, with the exception of crunching leaves under foor, is an art form all it’s own.

Yellow part of hike

There were several of these along the hike. The yellow illuminated the endeavor of whoever built the stick formations.

Hiking by water

There’s just nothing like hiking by water, especially in the fall of the year. So peaceful and picturesque.

A peek of water through trees.

And water still. Almost every branch of the main trail wound around the water.


Our group enjoyed exploring and walking in nearly perfect weather.

Fall hiking

I just couldn’t help myself, camera in hand, as I attempted to capture the beauty that surrounded us.

Hiking is peacful

This shot reminds me of a print that hung in our living room while growing up.

The end of the hike.

The hike had come to an end as we made our way back to our vehicles, however, the visiting continued. A good time spent with good folks.

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