A New Kind Of New Year

Happy New Year!

The first service of the new year at our church, Southeast Christian in Louisville, Kentucky, started 2022 off with a bang. We had Trip Lee as a guest speaker and what a message it was! Kudos to Kyle Idleman and all those involved in arranging for Trip to come. It was a timely and much-needed message, especially in our present culture. You can listen to Trip here.

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Trip’s message to our church on the second day of the new year and to the Church as a whole wasn’t a feel-good sermon. It wasn’t about resolutions or goals. It was a sincere call to hear what God has created us to do. It was out of a desire for us to live our best lives while the day is here. Trip’s message was entitled A Call To Holiness.

I really haven’t heard anyone speak on the subject of sexual purity with such simple, heartfelt words. He lives what he believes and has from a young age. Truthfully, we need more men to walk in the manner in which Trip Lee walks, walking as men after God’s own heart.

He talked about how our bodies (and our lives) are not our own. He reminded us that how we use our bodies is an act of worship. Click on this link to listen. I can’t do his words justice, though I have already re-listened once and will probably do so a few more times.

This morning while reading New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp (starting my second year with that one!) and the names though! Anyway, it coincided with Trip Lee’s message so well. It’s God’s message really and it is for our good, and ultimately His glory, which is why we’re here…and that is the point of Trip’s message yesterday, and Paul Tripp’s message in his book.

What Is My Purpose?

The Bible is clear about our purpose. We don’t have to look far. We are to live and conduct our lives as if they belong to Christ because they do. All the choices we make are to bring glory to Him, to point to His goodness and love, and to lead people who don’t know the gospel story to the One who can change their lives and make them whole, while setting them free from bondage.

That’s called living with the end in mind. Don’t get me wrong, as simple as the message is, it’s often hard to do because we live in the present. We are subject to the world’s views and the culture in which we live and this present culture isn’t looking to the One true God. We have become our own gods. We have put ourselves on the throne with our entitled way of thinking. The philosophy of what I do with my body and my life is my business is self-centered and only looks after self. We weren’t created to live this way. It causes personal conflict and affects the lives of those we love.

Honoring God With Our Bodies

Although we were made to live our lives in a way that honors God always, we are human. We have human emotions and desires that do and will always get in our way. And, we have an enemy, or rather God does, and the best way to get to God is to wreak havoc in the lives of those He sent His Son to die for. Us.

There is no condemnation. None. Christ bore that for us as well. This post is to point you to a higher way to live with no shame when you fail. So is the message Trip Lee brought. So is the daily devotion written by Paul Tripp. But most importantly, so is the gospel.

If you are struggling with things you seem to have no control over, ask for help. If you have been affected by the choices of others and it is keeping you stuck, don’t go it alone. I am an ordained minister and a hope coach. I can help get you connected to the support you need.

I would love to pray for you personally but for now, I will pray with you here. Father God, I thank you that you are a good Father. I praise you for loving us even in our most unloving places. Thank you for sending Jesus to pay the price for our sins which allows us access to you as your child. Be with the reader no matter what they are going through. Lead them to the places, people, and words they need so that they can be free to live life the way you intended. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Amen.

I would love to hear your story.


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