An Engaging Guest Post

Happy Friday! Today I have a special guest post from Chits and Giggles. Enjoy!
Hey Life Just Saying readers. My name is Kristyn and I blog over at Chits and Giggles. I have been blogging since April and blog about what is happening in my life. Today, lucky for you, I am going to share an exciting story that happened to me last Friday.
So, last night Jeremy and I had Martini’s and IMAX planned.  I was really excited because the movie we were going to see was a Cirque du Soliel: Journey of Man movie.  It was great.  It sort of tickled your whistle and made you want to see more Cirque stunts.
Anyways, before we left Jeremy asked me to come watch something.  I thought he was in front of the computer to print the vouchers we needed or something like that.  I really had no idea. 
So I sit in front of the computer and he has YouTube pulled up.  The title of the video he has pulled up is The Past, The Present, The Future.  Now, I know what most girls would think and I went there too, but I didn’t want it to not be what I thought it would be and then be disappointed the whole night.
So I really tried hard to not think “This is it”….
He started the movie.  One of our favorite songs, “Home” from Phillip Phillips was playing and I just started crying.  Not really because of the video itself, more because of the song.  It’s weird, but I do love that song.
Anyways, watch the video below:

I said “Yes!” in all my terrible crying glory.
The ring:


9 thoughts on “An Engaging Guest Post”

  1. Congratulations girl!!! What a great way to propose and that ring is beautiful. You are a lucky gal 🙂

    Congratulations again! Now jump on Pinterest and plan your wedding 😉

    • Thank you! I love my ring and he did a great job. So good. I have been planning my wedding for a while now, but now it’s a little overwhelming to actually plan it in real life and not just on Pinterest. But we will figure it all out! And I am pretty darn excited!

  2. Wow!!! So excited for you! What a great video and song and I guess what a great guy you got! Cherish the memories and always strive to make new ones …. before you know it, you will have been married 10+ years and it feel just like yesterday! I can’t wait to go check out your blog too! (Visiting from SITS)

    • Aw thanks. Yea he did a great job with the video. I really didn’t know he had that in him! I can’t wait to create new memories and we will always have the video to look back on and remember this forever.


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