American Queen Steamboat

While dining riverside on the banks of Indiana at Buckheads in Jeffersonville with my husband, we notice a paddle boat docked across the Ohio. It dwarfed The Belle of Louisville, the cruise boat of our city. We could barely make out the name of the boat American Queen Steamboat.


We decided after we had finished our lunch to go find out exactly what that boat was all about and just why it was docked in Louisville. The American Queen Steamboat, we discovered, is a river cruise ship that paddles the Mississippi from it’s home port in Memphis, Tennessee, to Louisville, Kentucky, St. Louis, Missouri and Cincinnati, Ohio. The cruises vary, as do the prices and themes of the cruises.

Although we weren’t allowed to go aboard, we did get up close and personal to this quaint but massive river cruise ship.

River Cruises

I have always wanted to explore a river from the luxurious side of a river boat. American Queen Steamboat looks like it would fit the bill. We watched as passengers and employees alike made their way back to board their temporary home on water.


It took a lot of will power not to sneak aboard, stow away, and paddle upstream to the next destination. Okay, not really, but I sure did want to!

River Boats

My husband came home to check out the website. I would love to do a river cruise and it looks like the American Queen Steamboat would be a great way to fulfill that goal.


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  1. Hi love! I miss you. I got THIS post in my inbox!!! SQUEEE!! I hope somehow I start getting your posts back. I hope and pray you are doing well and this trip was JUST the thing we needed!! I love the idea of going on this cruise ship… the ship itself looks so beautiful and classic. I’m sure that would be an amazing experience!


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