American Idol

I am a late-comer to the American Idol world. I started watching the show five years ago and found it quite entertaining, though a bit over the top with a lot of unbelievable drama thrown in. Although it appears to have become more of a popularity contest than one based on talent when it comes to the American vote, I must admit, I’m still curious enough to tune in. I thought I would stop watching this season since Simon left, but I overheard it the first night it aired and decided to take a quick peek at the new judges. Now I’m hooked again!

Steven Tyler is funny, overly made-up, old, and entertaining. There are some definite beauty tips to be gained by watching what the man does with his hair and make-up, not to mention his sense of style. He wears his age well.

It’s an interesting dynamic with the three judges this year. It’s a kinder, gentler panel. Jennifer Lopez has taken Paula Abdul’s air-headed attempts at consoling to a whole new level. Jennifer’s mothering instincts are refreshing for someone who has gained the fame and notoriety she has.

Randy seems a bit lost as he tries to lead the group with his vast experience on the show that never quite meets the standard one would expect and his mean-spirited attempts are almost comical.

The statement that I’ve heard over and over is that one contestant or another has “God-given, natural talent.” It just strikes me as funny. God-given talent as opposed to talent that you borrowed from your neighbor? Or perhaps talent that you found on the side of the road.

The gifts and talents that we each possess are not of our making. We can hone them to the best of our ability, and use them for the benefit of all mankind but at the end of the day, they are gifts…gifts which are given by God.



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