Amazing Women

I met some amazing women last week. I met them in a group. I met them in a group I didn’t want to be in. Isn’t it funny how life works?

Here’s an interesting tidbit about these amazing women, they don’t even know they’re amazing. They think they are just average, working through some difficult times in their lives. They are too, but they are doing so much more.

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I could tell you the name of the group, but then I would have to kill you. Not really. But my point is, it doesn’t matter what group it was where I met these amazing women. They each had a story to tell, situations to deal with, joys to share and real-life situations that no one wants to go through. But they are, and they are doing so with grace, courage, wisdom and not alone.

I posted last week about how we need each other. This group drove that point home to me. I needed them more than you will ever know, but they do. They know because they have been where I am. They are there now, engaging in life, dealing with the situations we are given and becoming amazing women.

Growing up, I was sort of a tomboy. I have brothers, no sisters and only one female cousin who is five years younger than me. Five years makes a big difference when you’re young. Not anymore! My point is I didn’t appreciate the value of women helping women until late into my adult years. What a shame. But I’m there now. Understanding the power of a group of amazing women who gather together to share life. I hope to never live without this. In fact, I plan to always be a part of such a group.

How about you? Are you a part of a group of amazing women?

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