Grieving, a Part of Life

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Grieving is a part of life. It. Just. Is.

Like it or not the above statement is true. The grieving process is the same, no matter where you are, no matter what you are grieving. Loss is loss in whatever form. There are some losses that alter your life forever, and some that are just a minor inconvenience, but grief is an important part of it all.

To skip that important component is not a good idea. I’m not even sure you can actually skip it…deny it, pretend there isn’t a problem or filling the void the loss has created may be a more accurate description.

The most challenging part of it all is the balancing act you must perform between feeling the grief, looking for the lessons, counting your blessings and moving on; instead of getting stuck in the questions of the loss suffered (and there are many) becoming paralysed with the facts, the what-ifs, the wishing aways, and perhaps even the blame and guilt.

I’ve had my share of loss over the years. Sometimes it seems like more than my share. Each case is different. Each incident brings it’s own set of thoughts, emotions and circumstances.

Where I find myself today is in the middle of the “Why me’s?”, and that’s okay. I’ll stay here a little longer. Then I’ll stand up, brush off my knees and do the next thing…but not just yet.

I want to grieve this most recent loss well. I want to grieve it thoroughly. And that’s just what I am doing because grieving is a part of life.

This post was first published September 19, 2010. I decided to republish because it seem pertinent and timely to many. If you are going through a time of loss, may you grieve well, my friend.


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