I am (once again) participating in Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes using a word of someone’s choosing. And here we go…


Here I am again. No matter where I go, what I think and plan to do differently I always end up here…again.

Not saying that this again place is evil, or even bad, it just is what it is and that is all. There is a peace that comes to accepting things the way they are.

Not saying to give up, or stop making changes, but perhaps where I am, is where I’m suppose to be, in a general sort of way. And accepting that brings peace.

I read the other day that accepting that “I am the problem” is a good thing. Because then I can accept that I am the answer and can go from that point.

I guess if I really believed that I always end up at the same point then there would be no purpose in attempting anything different.

So maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I end up at the same place again changed in some manner, and that is a good thing.

So the answer to ending up at the same place isn’t to stop trying, but to continue on…


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